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Look After Your Brother” — Intergalactic Medicine Show (March 2015, digital)

“Creatures of the Holy Well”, winner of the 2013 Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest, published in the Balticon Program Book in May 2014

“1116 Santiago Drive” — Kazka Press (June 2013, digital)

Mrs. Underhill’s Introduction to Dribblyfordshire” — Every Day Fiction (Feb 2013, digital)

“Citizen Astronauts” — Stupefying Stories, issue 1.10 (Nov 2012, digital)

“Love and Lettuce Leaves” — Beyond Centauri (Oct 2012, print)

“The Farmers” — Bards and Sages Quarterly (Oct 2012, print and digital)

A Beer and Tentacles” — Lovecraft eZine (May 2012, digital and audio)