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Hello friends,

This is a little belated, but the October issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly with my story “The Farmers” is now published. Hurray! They’ve also just started their 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards. Normally I’m not a big contest person, but the 2009 winner was Eugie Foster, an Atlanta-based author who I met briefly at Dragon*Con (she had also taken the writer’s workshop with A.C. Crispin several years before me). I’ve read several of her short stories and she is an amazing writer, so (and I shouldn’t really admit this) I’m having daydreams about following in her footsteps.

In other news, I’ve begun the YA fantasy novel that I’ve been plotting for a year and a half and am currently at 15,000 words. I’m writing this novel mainly to get a feel for the process, it’s hard in a different way from writing short stories. My writing goals are 2,000 words/day every weekday (if it works for Stephen King…), and finishing the first draft by Dec 1st (the date of the next in-person writing group meeting I can attend). If it’s turned out well enough, I’ll also enter it into the Codex Novel Contest, whose deadline is Dec 10th. I’m not expecting this novel to be a brilliant work of art, but it would be nice if it came out well and I could perhaps sell it. We’ll see.

Husband and I are also planning a trip in November to Key West, so hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories/pictures for you then. Until next time!

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