Shadow Wall Draft 2 Finished

Hello Friends,

It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated, but the second draft of The Shadow Wall is finally finished, and off to three beta readers. It took me such… a… long… time, but I’m feeling good that it’s finally done. I ended up having to completely rewrite the ending, along with a good section of the middle. And I know there’s more work to be done after I get comments back from the readers, but I’m feeling good about it. The novel is still interesting to me, even after all this time, so I don’t mind going back and making it even better.

I’ve read blogs and talked to other writers about how to work with kids, and after experiencing it, all I can say is: you do the best you can. Buppy was an extremely difficult baby so I was severely sleep-deprived for more than a year, and it’s really hard to work on writing through that brain fog. Fortunately, he’s now a delightful toddler who sleeps fairly well. I can get a good hour to myself most days, which feels downright luxurious now. Thankful also to have an understanding and supportive husband, who makes sure household chores (so much laundry from one little person!) don’t bog me down during that precious time.

Wishing you a good night’s sleep as well. Until next time!

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