Introducing Buppy!

Hello friends,

It’s been six months since my little one, nicknamed Buppy, entered the world, and I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting my life back. It was a rough labor (around 40 hours after my water broke, ending in a c-section after he got stuck facing “sunny-side up”), and a long recovery, followed by a few months in which he decided to test the limits of my endurance by not napping longer than 20 minutes at a time. But he’s napping now (hurray!) and life is much easier.

Still working on The Shadow Wall. I had hoped to have the ending rewritten by the time he arrived, but my brain felt trapped in fog for the few weeks before he was born, and then I was sleep-deprived beyond my wildest dreams (eh ha ha) and couldn’t think clearly enough to make dinner, much less write. I actually fell asleep sitting upright while burping him. Twice.

I’m now finishing up the climax and moving on to the last chapters of the book, then time for an edit and off to the beta readers. Today, for the first time since Buppy was born, I backed up the novel (really shouldn’t have put it off that long, but what can you do) and found that it’s now over 100,000 words. Many will get cut in editing (I tend to overwrite), but I’m still quite pleased with myself. That’s a lot of words! I’d be a little worried at the length if it wasn’t a fantasy novel, but this should be just fine.

And I’ve leave you with some pictures of my little man, who is quite the cute one if I do say so myself. Until next time!

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