The Agent Search

Hello friends,

I’ve now delved into an area that is both scary and exciting: the search for an agent to represent my novel(s). I spent many hours reading blogs about the querying process, most notably the Query Shark, and have reworked and refined my query and synopsis. Now to send my little book out into the wide open sea and hope that it gets picked up somewhere, sometime.

I’ve begun using the website QueryTracker to keep track of who and when I’ve contacted agents. It works a bit like the website I use for my short story submissions, The Submissions Grinder, though hopefully I won’t become as addicted to checking response times as I do at the Grinder. So many agents to contact, it’s a little overwhelming.

In other news, the husband and I have booked our trip to South Korea at the end of April. I’m super-excited. We’ll be there for two weeks: a week traveling around the country on an organized tour, a few days in the “Honeymoon Island” of Jeju, and a few days in Seoul. I’ve continued my research on North Korea (I’m currently reading Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick) and will make sure to keep my eyes wide open for anything else I can use in my next novel, especially when we go to the DMZ. I’ve written two stories based in a North Korea-inspired fantasy world, which have gotten good reader reactions, but I can always use more details for the novel. My husband keeps telling me, “You know my family is from South Korea, right?” hehe. We’re also watching some Korean dramas (just finished “My Love From Another Star” in which a very Korean alien falls in love with a Korean movie star, which sounds awful but is actually great) and I’m watching YouTube videos to hopefully pick up some more Korean language before we depart.

And last but not least, we moved into our new house in Columbia, and are loving the peace and quiet so far. Blinds are finally coming for the windows today, after several attempts at ordering them, so I can take down the paper fan-like temporary blinds and cardboard boxes that have adorned our windows for the past few weeks (we’re the classy neighbors).

I’m off to resume the agent querying process now, wish me luck!

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