2013 Year End

Hello friends,

Hope the New Year is starting off well for you. I’ve avoided posting my year-end stats for a bit because I didn’t make any of my goals, but this blog does help keep me accountable, so here goes:

-My word count goal was to write over 200,000 words. According to my records, I wrote 104,314. More than last year, but still far below my goal. Ouch. Part of this was probably because of the extensive revisions to my novel, which I don’t figure into word count. In 2014, I’m going to try for 150,000, which should include writing at least one new novel and several short stories.

-My submissions goal was 60 submissions. According to my records, I made 44. Better than last year, but still quite below target. Of these, three were accepted: Every Day Fiction, Kazka Press, and the BSFS Amateur Writing Contest. I got a lot of rejections.

-Although I didn’t meet my goal of halting the time-sucking powers of the internet, I think that this is where I was most successful, mainly because of North Korea. Yes, my next book will have a (fantasy) government loosely based on North Korea, which I find extremely fascinating and have devoted many hours of research time. My husband and I are thinking about a trip to South Korea in April, and I’m really excited to visit the DMZ (he managed to talk me out of visiting Pyongyang, probably a good thing).

In other news, we have (after seven months of active looking) found a house! We’ll be moving to Columbia, Maryland, at the end of February, so long as everything goes okay at closing. So glad to finally have a home we can call our own and get settled down. In many ways, this past year and a half feels like we’ve been caught in a holding pattern: we never put up all our pictures on the walls, never unpacked all of our boxes, and never made a real attempt to find new friends, since we knew we could move at any point. And we managed to stay within budget, which is quite a relief after looking at too many super expensive, super old houses around Bethesda. Whew.

Until next time!

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