BSFS Contest Win and Novel Progress

Hello friends,

Two pieces of good news here, both within a week of each other. First, I found out that I won the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest (for writers in Maryland who haven’t yet made a “professional” sale of $0.05/word or higher). I’ll be receiving the award at the Small Press Awards at Capclave in Gaithersburg this weekend, so if you see me, say hi! My story “Creatures of the Holy Well” will be printed in the Balticon program book in May 2014, and I may be giving a reading or be on a panel there as well. Eep! So excited and nervous all at once!

The second piece of good news is that I finished the second draft of my novel and currently have it out to four readers. I’m aiming to have the first few chapters polished for the Strange Chemistry (YA publisher) open submissions period by the end of this month, although I have to learn to write a synopsis first. Compressing a 60,000-word book down into two pages is proving to be harder than it looks. Luckily I’ve already been getting some great feedback from my readers, so hopefully the revisions won’t be extensive and I can spend a lot of time on the synopsis.

Although I love summer after spending three years without it in foggy San Francisco, I’m super excited by the cooler weather floating into Maryland because it means that it’s time to get back to yoga. I love yoga because it works out the kinks in my back from spending time in front of the computer every day, but the Maryland summer was simply too hot and too pretty to be spending extra time indoors. Last year, I took up Bikram yoga (the sweaty hotness felt so good when it was cold outside), but this year I’ll be trying out a new hot vinyasa studio. Can’t wait!

Hope your fall is off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “BSFS Contest Win and Novel Progress

  1. Congrats on your win Holli!!! Proud of my “little” sister!!! Wish I could have been one of the readers for your book, maybe the next one 😉
    Miss you and enjoy Vinyasa Flow!

  2. Thanks, Victoria! Miss you too! Will let you know when the next book is finished, you might be a good reader for that one 🙂

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