Mid-year update

Hello friends,

Can’t believe it’s July already, where has the time gone? I’m plowing through revisions on my novel at a somewhat glacial pace (I guess less like plowing than an ice-breaking ship). At this point, it could rightfully be called a second draft, as I’m retaining very little of the original text. But now it has glowworms and magic caves and wooly beasts! I’m still aiming to have it out to first readers by the end of July–hoping there will just be revisions afterwards and not a third draft. Crossing my fingers.

Something else that’s been taking up my time is house-hunting, which is not something I had ever really thought about in detail before (especially things like closing costs, renovations, ick etc.). Does buying a house mean I’m an adult? I have decidedly mixed feelings, but luckily husband loves this process (I tell him he’s a budding real-estate mogul), so he’s doing the lion’s share of the work. I’m trying to hunker down and work on the novel, but sometimes it’s hard to focus when I think of leaving our cozy two-bedroom apartment in Bethesda and moving into a house for the first time.

Back to business: time to look at my stats for the past six months and see how I’m doing on my goals for this year. One of my goals was to make 60 submissions. So far this year, I’ve made 28. Not bad, and already creeping up on last year’s total of 37. I’ve sold two stories (to Every Day Fiction and Kazka Press) and have eight submissions still pending.

Another goal was to write 200,000 words. So far, I’ve written 52,148. Long way to go there to meet my goal in the second half of the year, I suppose because I’ve done a lot of editing as well (both on my novel and to finish up my freelance work for Night Shade Books). Hope I can get a second book down on paper by the end of the year, to boost up the word count!

My last goal, to read more literature rather than browsing the internet, has been mildly successful. I’ve finished more books this year and am trying to be more conscious of time wasted. But CNN still sucks me in, as well as browsing Facebook and other social media, especially when I’m stuck on a story. Ah, well, I’ll continue to work on it.

July so far has been very wet and dreary here in Bethesda. Wishing you sunshine and many fireworks for the start of the summer!

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